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Remote Database Administration

Managed Plans to diversified customers’ SLAs

A number of plans to cater all customers’ needs from small businesses to medium scale ones.

Complete Setup and Configuration

  • Licensing cost is not included.
  • Install Grid Infrastructure and database software with required options
  • Create a stand-alone database or for RAC database; configure ASM for the shared disks and create a clustered databaseand configure accordingly with correct sizing
  • parameters for database structures, optimal data access performance, multiple network configuration files
  • Configure High Availability of Services and Connections for RAC databases
  • Install latest database PSU to keep database secured and all patches for known bugs applied
  • Configure Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control for stand-alone installation and Grid Control for centralized monitoring for all databases with required real-time monitoring alerts
  • Configure Oracle RMAN backups as required for database files and archive logs accordingly
  • Configure a Physical Data Guard environment to support disaster recovery

Add-on: Upgrading from an older version to Oracle 12cR2 and consolidation of multiple databases into Pluggable Databases (PDBs) in a single Container Database (CDB) where required.

Replication (for Oracle) using GoldenGate

  • Licensing cost is not included
  • Implement classic and integrated Oracle GoldenGate processes
  • Configure unidirectional and bidirectional replication as per requirements
  • Implement encryption in Oracle GoldenGate
  • Perform data filtering and manipulation
  • Apply Oracle GoldenGate Patch Set

User Reporting and Disaster Recovery Setup

To offload heavy queries from Production environment to run on another server leaving Production for more business transactions, we can configure Oracle Logical Standby to meet this need. Also a complete DR setup can be deployed using Physical Standby configuration for end to end recovery in case of a disaster at Primary site. Also, a quarterly drill of Production database switchover to DR database can be organized and revert back, if needed, to make sure DR environment keeps working fine.

When Oracle database is already running and client needs to add a DR solution, an Oracle Physical Data Guard environment can be deployed on a remote site. When a client wants to offload their reporting from Production environment to a separate machine, an Oracle Logical Standby database environment can be deployed to meet client’s need.

Proactive Monitoring and Performance Tuning

Using Oracle Enterprise Manager (DB control or Grid control), a number of real-time 24x7 alerts shall be configured both – out of the box and user defined ones. From a range of specific alerts for CPU, memory, disks, tablespaces and instance related information will be configured. Also, database growth alerts and hanging session alerts may be configured with automated clearing of such sessions.

Troubleshooting – Break Fix Support

We are here when you need us most for downtime/crash in Production environment. Issues can be identified by going through database logs and bring the environment up and running in least possible time or bring up the DR environment for users in case of disaster at Primary site.

Backup and Recovery

A customized backup plan can be developed to cater different type of failures including user error, media failure, or the server failure itself. Whenever a recovery is needed, specified backup sets can be restored to recover database to bring all data files synchronized.