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Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to reshape entire industries. The business value can be profound—ranging from digitizing an organization’s internal operations and customer experience to unlocking disruptive new digital products and business models. There are two fundamental opportunities for the Internet of Things to create value within the enterprise:

  • Connected Products: Companies can engineer new IoT-enabled features and services into new connected products to differentiate and improve experiences.
  • Connected Business Processes: They can use IoT to improve their operations with better, smarter information.

There are many companies who are already taking advantage of the data explosion driven by IoT, using machine learning and predictive analytics to optimize, innovate and transform their business by building IoT applications, with prior experience in this domain, Spantik team is well positioned to help you leverage IoT based solutions and practices.

Following are some of the industries which are already leveraging IoT: